Professor:Jason Little
Affiliated Faculty:  Christopher Previte (Digital Media Design)   

A minor is offered in Advertising.

Advertising is a creative communication tool used to help build and support brand awareness and preference. Without advertising, it would be difficult for consumers to differentiate between brands and be well informed of new products and services.

Mission and Learning Outcomes of the Advertising Program
The mission of the Advertising minor is to foster student development of the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective communication strategies and tactics, targeted to the appropriate audience, at the appropriate time. Specific objectives include:

  • To develop and apply effective oral, written, and electronic communication skills.
  • To understand how Web-Based Marketing Communication, Radio, Television, Print, Direct Response, and Out-of-Home media can be created and used to successfully target primary prospects.
  • To gain knowledge and skills with regard to graphic design, graphic production, and media production.
  • To understand effective research methods with relationship to developing, testing and evaluating advertising media, messages, campaigns, and advertising strategies.
  • To gain knowledge with respect to the ethical and legal issues associated with advertising.
  • To develop effective team skills with regard to creating a successful advertising campaign.


Advertising Minor Program Courses