Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Certificates can be completed in as little as 9 months; normal time to completion is 12 - 15 months.

Energy and Sustainability Studies
GM510 Seminar in Leadership
GM550 The Future of Energy, Business, and Society 
GM561 Financial Management
GM575 Building a Sustainable Enterprise 
GM630 Energy Economics

Health Administration
GM510 Seminar in Leadership
GM520 Legal and Ethical Issues in Organizations 
GM592 Health Policy
GM594 Healthcare Payment Systems
GM596 Quality Improvement Models in Healthcare

Human Resource Management
GM510 Seminar in Leadership
GM563 Human Resource Management 
GM565 Compensation and Benefits
GM570 Training and Development for Adults 
GM625 Labor Relations and Employment Law

Sports Management
GM510 Seminar in Leadership 
GM562 Marketing Management
SF502 Media Relations and Technology in the Sports Industry 
SF508 Sports Facilities Management
SF512   Analytics in Sports Management