Public Relations

Public Relations

Professors: Jason Little, Phyllis Scrocco Zrzavy 
Associate Professors: Paul Bush, Allan Rachlin 
Affiliated Faculty: Kenneth Clarke, Kristen Nevious

A minor is offered in Public Relations.

Mission and Learning Outcomes of the Public Relations Program

The mission of the Public Relations minor is to foster student development of the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the relationships between an organization or individual and its publics through effective communication and persuasion, media and organizational relations, and legal and ethical decision-making practices.

Specific objectives of this program include:

  • To understand communication and persuasion concepts and strategies as they apply to organizations and individuals
  • To understand public relations principles and theories as they relate to organizational problem-solving, crisis management, industry practices and strategy development
  • To foster the development of research and analysis skills specific  to  the  field  of public relations
  • To provide an awareness of legal issues as they relate to today’s mediated and professional environments
  • To promote ethical consideration of public relations decision-making and practices
  • To apply public relations knowledge and skills in a real-world setting

Minor Requirements

BA213 Business Law I
COMM130 Introduction to Media Studies or
MK201 Principles of Marketing
COMM100 Communication, Media, and Society or
COMM110 Journalism I 
MK333 Marketing Research 
MK335 Public Relations

Choose one of the following:
MK304 Advertising or
COMM310 Convergent Journalism or
COMM345 American Political Culture and Media


Program Courses