Professor: Nancy Fey-Yensan

A minor is offered in Nutrition.

The Nutrition Minor gives students a broad perspective of different areas of nutrition. Through coursework, students will learn the basics on nutritional biochemistry, study nutritional issues through the lifespan, examine the relationship between nutrition and chronic disease, and assess the psychosocial, and environmental and political factors that affect our nutritional choices and overall health.

Minor Requirements
The minor in Nutrition requires successful completion of the following courses: 
BI235 Human Health and Nutrition 
BI302 Food production 
BI337 Advanced Nutrition 
PUBH101 Introduction to Public Health 

In addition, choose two of the following (6-8 credits):
BI310    Research Methods
BI325    Microbiology 
CH321    Biochemistry 
HCA315    Epidemiology 
PUBH313   Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Issues in Public Health