General Studies

General Studies

An Associate of Arts degree is offered in General Studies for online students.

In addition to all graduation requirements, the following requirements must be completed successfully to complete the degree:

General and Liberal Education Core Requirements

GLE103              Career Image, Planning, and Management
GLE110               First-Year Composition
GLE230             Second-Year Composition
______                  Mathematics Core Elective
______                  Natural Science Core Elective I
______                 Natural Science Core Elective II

One course from two of the following areas:

One 100-200-level Social Science
One 100-200-level Humanities
One 100-200-level Art and Design

Major Requirements
CIT101               Microcomputer Applications
CIT130              Database Applications or
CIT140             Electronic Spreadsheets
ET101                Principles of Macroeconomics
MT260             Statistics

General Electives

19-24 credits depending on course selection