Professor: Jed Donelan 
Lecturers: James Russell Couch

A minor is offered in Philosophy.

As of the fall semester 2021, the undergraduate program in Philosophy is no longer offering a Minor. Courses that this program offers in the General and Liberal Education program will continue to be offered, along with a limited number of electives.

The mission of the Philosophy Program is to enrich awareness of the roots of Western culture while fostering openness to other traditions and ways of thinking as a way of empowering students to understand and take an active role in their own personal and social growth. We do this by offering a curriculum that combines courses in the history of philosophy and traditional philosophical topics with interdisciplinary courses that highlight philosophy’s practical applications. Our program emphasizes the understanding of philosophical and religious traditions as a way of developing critical reading, thinking, and expressive skills.

Minor Requirements

The Philosophy minor requires 19 credits, including Introduction, two History of Philosophy courses, one “Philosophy at Work” course, one Philosophy Seminar, and one 3 credit Philosophy elective. In addition, students must demonstrate competencies in the six learning outcomes of the Philosophy minor: Content Knowledge, Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Critical Writing, Interdisciplinary Application, and Real World Application through completion of the one credit Philosophy Portfolio, PA300.