Certificate in Exercise Physiology

Certificate in Exercise Physiology

The Certificate in Exercise Physiology is s a collection of courses geared toward educating the student for a career as an Exercise Physiologist.

These courses include:

• BI260  Anatomy and Physiology I
• BI261  Anatomy and Physiology II 
• BI370  Medical Terminology and Health Systems 
• BI400  Kinesiology
• BI402 Exercise Physiology 
• BI403  Assessment and Prescription of Fitness
• BI404  Strength and Conditioning 
• BI405  Clinical Exercise Physiology 

Upon competition of this certificate, along with an undergraduate degree, students would meet the prerequisites established by the American College of Sports Medicine to sit for the Certification in Exercise Physiology. Sitting for the ACSM’s Certification is above and beyond the expectations of our certificate program however a viable option after completion. If you do choose the path of certification through the ASCM, it is a nationally recognized and a required achievement for employment in many clinical and health related setting. Typical areas of employment would include cardiac rehabilitation centers and fitness facilities.


Program Courses

BI260 Human Ana & Phys I Lab
BI261 Human Ana & Phys II Lab
BI370 Medical Terminology
BI400 Kinesiology - lab
BI402 Exercise Physiology lab
BI403 Assess Presript Fitness
BI404 Strength & Conditioning
BI405 Clinical Exer Physiology