Professor: Carl T. Brezovec 
A minor is offered in Mathematic Modeling.

The mission of the Mathematics program is to develop clear thinking and an appreciation of the indispensable role of the discipline in understanding our data-driven modern world. The following goals permeate program coursework. Specifically, through the courses in our program, students will develop: 
• the recognition that mathematics is a process, not a black box that merely presents the “correct” answer, 
• skills for exploring and understanding various mathematical models, from a variety of academic fields, 
• logical thinking skills, 
• facility with the appropriate uses of technology and in reading mathematics, and, perhaps most importantly, 
• the ability to share their work with the appropriate audience, both orally and in print. 

Minor Requirements

The minor in Mathematical Modelling requires successful completion of the following courses: 

MT221  Calculus I      
MT222  Calculus II                 
MT260  Statistics        
MT301  Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
MT300-level  Mathematics Elective     
MT300-level  Mathematics Elective      


Program Courses

MT221 Calculus I
MT222 Calculus II
MT260 Statistics I
MT301 Intro to Math Proofs
MT305 History of Mathematics
MT311 Linear Algebra
MT315 College Geometry
MT321 Calculus III
MT330 Intro to Differ Equations
MT373 Prob & Math Stats
MT375 Intro Operations Research
MT380 Mathematics Seminar
MT381 Mathematics Seminar
MTELCTUL MT Elective-Upper Level
MTELECT Approved Math Elective