Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Associate Professors: Susan Silverman, Nathan Sullivan

A minor is offered in Visual Arts.

The Visual Arts minor is designed to introduce students to the concepts and practices in studio arts. A minor in visual arts will enhance student’s creative thinking and visual literacy. This minor will complement a variety of degrees in which creative thinking skill are valued. A minimum of six courses from the following sequence is required to complete the minor.

Courses may be taken from any of the sections below in whatever order students wish to take them other than sequential levels for each medium (i.e., Glassblowing I, II, III, IV).

Visual Arts Minor Requirements

A minimum of 6 courses, maximum of 8 required:
FA180 Foundations of Art or
FA183 History of Art
FA201 Drawing I

One of the following:
FA101 2 Dimensional Design or
FA102 Introduction to Sculpture

2-4 additional electives in studios:
FA217 Photographic Processes I
FA221 Ceramics I
FA231 Painting I
FA235 Printmaking I
FA251 Glassblowing I
FA302 Drawing II

1-3 electives in studio:
FA227 Photographic Processes II
FA303-304 Drawing III-IV
FA310 Photographic Processes III
FA322-324 Ceramics II-IV 
FA332-334 Painting II-IV 
FA335-338 Printmaking II-IV 
FA352-354 Glassblowing II-IV