Global Citizenship Certificate

Global Citizenship Certificate

Assistant Professor: Johnna Pike (Certificate Coordinator)

A certificate is offered in Global Citizenship for traditional students.

The Global Citizenship Certificate aims to give students access to the development of 21st Century collaborative leadership skills by building a dynamic global community that proactively responds to human interdependence, equality, and justice on our ever-changing planet. 

The program complements the needs of professionals in fields including: cultural anthropology, education, social services, business management, public administration, public relations, marketing, sports and recreation, criminal justice, journalism, community development, and political science, among others. The Global Citizenship Certificate Program strongly encourages participation of international and internationally-minded and students.



Students intending to earn the Global Citizenship Certificate are required to complete 10 credits of coursework and minimum of 1 credit of field experience.  Field experience on or off-campus of no fewer than 20 hours including (but not limited to) internship, related paid or volunteer work experience, service-learning/community service, Global Living Learning Community Housing, English Conversation Group, or other germane experience as mutually agreed upon with GCC coordinator.

A Franklin Pierce student from outside of the United States may use their experience at Franklin Pierce in lieu of the field experience for completion of requirements for the Global Citizenship Certificate program.


Required Courses 

AN220 Global Problems                                    3 Credits
GCC490 The Global Citizenship Seminar       1 Credit 
GCC491 Global Citizenship Field Experience  1-3 Credits
Two Electives                                                          6 Credits

Of the two electives, only one from the student’s major program is allowed, and only one from courses a student may have taken during a study abroad semester is allowed.

BI217 Tropical Forest Ecology (lab) 
BI235 Human Health and Nutrition 
CJ340 Gender, Race, and Crime 
COMM235 Intercultural Communication 
COMM333 Media and Culture 
DMD330 Social Media 
ED112 Teaching and Learning in a Democratic Society* 
EN110 Many Voices: Multicultural Literature* 
EN215 Slavery: Literature and Legacy* 
EN270 Women Writers* 
ES103 Introduction to Ecosystem and Wildlife Conservation* 
ES240 Creating Sustainable Communities 
ES305 Environmental Health and Justice
FA183 History of Art* 
GLE200 The 20th Century: A Global Approach* 
HS229 Thrones and Drones: Modern European History 
HS235 Topics in World History 
HS314 American Immigrant History 
HS337 Nazi Germany 
HS340 Ireland Since 1500 
IB364 International Business 
MK365 International Marketing 
MN275 China’s Influence on the World Economy 
MU102 Special Topics in Music 
MU210 Women and Music* 
PO205 International Relations* 
PO206 Comparative Politics* 
PO330 Global Security and Diplomacy 
PO331 Prosperity and Freedom in the World 
PUBH202 Introduction to Global Health 
SO203 Community Organization and Advocacy 
SO240 Religion and Society* 
SO421 Inequality in Society 
SPME300 International Sports Culture 
SR210 The Role and Influence of Leisure on the Culture and Commerce of the International Community 

*Also meets GLE Requirement

Program Courses

AN101 Cultural Anthropology
AN105 Culture Through Film
AN220 Global Problems
AN245 Living & Working Abroad
AN311 Museum Studies
BI217 Tropical Forest Ecology
BI235 Human Health & Nutrition
COMM235 Intercultural Communicate
EN110 Many Voices: Mlticltr Lit
EN215 Slavery: Lit & Leg
EN270 Eve Framed:Wom Writers
ES103 Intro EcoSys/Wildlife Lab
ES305 Hlth, Hmn Rghts & Env Jst
GCC490 Global Citizenship Sem
GCC491 Global Citizenship Fl Exp
GLE200 The Twentieth Century
HS229 Thrones & Drones: Euro
HS235 Topics in World History
HS314 Lady Liberty/Amer Imm His
HS340 Ireland Since 1500
IB364 International Business
LS101 Elementary Spanish I
LS102 Elementary Spanish II
LS105 Language for Travelers
LS201 Intermediate Spanish I
LS202 Intermediate Spanish II
LS311 Spanish Cult & Civil
LS312 Span-Amer Culture & Civil
MK365 International Marketing
ML101 Beginning Language I
MU102 Special Topics in Music
PO205 International Relations
PO206 Comparative Politics
PO330 Global Security & Diploma
PO331 Prosperity Freedom World
PUBH202 Intro to Global Health
SO240 Religion in Society