Intelligence and Security Studies

Intelligence and Security Studies

Associate Professors: Jennie R. Brown, Frank S. Cohen, Christina Cliff

A minor is offered in Intelligence and Security Studies.

The Intelligence and Security Studies minor prepares students with diverse majors for careers in intelligence collection and analysis, homeland security and other related fields or for graduate programs that will increase their preparation for these fields. Students will develop an understanding of national and international intelligence issues including the various types of intelligence, US priorities, and analytical techniques with a focus on writing, critical thinking, research skills, and communication skills.

Program objectives include:

  • Identify and analyze critical issues for intelligence and security.
  • Develop an understanding of contemporary intelligence issues from psychological, political, technological, and historical perspectives.
  • Identify ethical issues involved in intelligence and security studies and make ethical judgments.
  • Conduct research on contemporary intelligence issues.
  • Understand and learn from intelligence failures.

Communicate effectively in a variety of formats (written communication, oral communication, and interpersonal communication).


Minor Requirements

Requirements (21 credits)

CIT274 Computer Forensics and Security  3 credits

PA209 Ethical Reasoning 3 credits

PO201 U.S. Government 3 credits

PO205 International Relations or

PO206 Comparative Politics 3 credits

PS270 Psychology of Terrorism 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

PO330 Global Security and Diplomacy  3 credits

PO 332 Disinformation and Propaganda 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

PS318 Psychology of Intelligence Analysis 3 credits

PS319 Case Studies in Espionage 3 credits

Program Courses

CIT274 Computer Forensics & Sec
PA209 Ethical Reasoning
PO201 U.S. Government
PO205 International Relations
PO206 Comparative Politics
PO330 Global Security & Diploma
PS270 Psychology of Terrorism
PS318 Psychology Intel Analysis
PS319 Case Studies in Espionage