Professors: Douglas F. Challenger 
Associate Professors: Jean Dawson, Allan Rachlin

The mission of the Sociology minor is to develop understanding of the sociological perspective, social structures, social institutions, processes of social change, knowledge of the methods of social research, and some of the theoretical ideas that inform and guide the discipline. 

A minor is offered in Sociology.

The program helps to prepare students for graduate study and occupations utilizing sociological perspectives and methods. Students who intend to teach Sociology (Social Studies) in high school should refer to the School of Education for information on the Secondary Teacher Certification program.

21 credits in Sociology, including 6 credits that are 300-level or above.

Program Courses

PS340 Techniques Counseling I
SO101 Intro to Sociology
SO205 Racial Inequality
SO320 Social Welfare Policy
SO350 Law in Society
SO410 Criminology
SO421 Inequality in Society
SO460 Corrections
CJ101 Crime/Justice in America
CJ201 Police Work
CJ301 Crim Invest & Evidence
CJ302 Court & Crim Procedures
CJ340 Gender, Race & Crime
CJ470 Senior Crim Just Seminar
HU101 Intro to Human Services
HU489 Senior Human Services
HU495 Human Services Internship
ID403 Integrated Seminar
PS101 Intro to Psychology
PS300 Theories Intim Violence
PS322 Social Psychology
PS323 Seminar on Addiction
PS330 Child Abuse & Neglect